You’re debating with your friend about which Harry Potter character the stain on your carpet most resembles. You think Lord Voldemort. She says it has more of a Death Eater feel. And that’s when you realize you really need to get the carpet cleaned. Winter in Idaho doesn’t end when the season does, the weather stains want to hang out year-round.

But money is tight so you think you can save a few bucks by renting a rug-cleaner and doing it yourself.

Remember on Saved by the Bell how Zack Morris would say ‘Time Out’ right before something bad happened? Well, time out.

On a scale of 1 to bad decision, renting a rug doctor and *attempting* to clean your floors yourself is a bad decision. Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you why. Get comfortable (and maybe grab a snack, this could take a while).

One of the reasons why you decide to clean your floors is to…✨clean✨ your floors. But that’s not what a rug doctor does. Now if your goal is to transfer bacteria all over the house, then the rug doctor is for you, but we have a feeling that’s not what you’re hoping for.

Think about why people rent these machines in the first place: to clean up something messy or gross. Then the machines go back to the store, where you pick it up and transfer all those bacteria from previous renters’ homes to your home. So, for the myriad reasons people decide to rent these machines, the leftover bacteria from whatever that mysterious something was, is now in your home too. Ew.

Next, unless you really know what you’re doing, are incredibly thorough, and do everything correctly, more often than not the result is going to be worse than when you started. One of the common problems with rug doctors is over soaking the carpet, which may not sound like a big deal, but creates a prime environment for bacteria and mold to grow. Double ew.

Then comes the issue of leftover residue from these machines, which they are notorious for leaving behind. This will lead to the carpet looking dirtier and smellier than before, and new dirt and bacteria will end up sticking to that residue to make matters even worse. So, unless you want to play “Name that smell” along with “Name that stain” we would advise against these products.

In addition to leftover residue, a lot of these cleaning machines don’t extract all the dirty water in the carpets they are meant to clean. You know what loves dirty water and carpets? Mold.

One of the points of cleaning the floors is to kill bacteria and keep your home sanitary, especially if viruses or the spread of COVID is a concern.

And that’s not all.

Let’s talk time. The time it takes to drive to the place you’re renting it from, to pick it up, to bring it home, to figure out how to use it, to drive it back, etc. Lots of time spent for not a lot of money saved.

Do you remember learning about opportunity cost theory in school? Where are my economics people at?

Well, luckily for you we do remember it.

It’s a theory in microeconomics (we’ll get there quick, just hang in there) that states the opportunity cost of one option should be compared and weighed against alternative options that may offer a higher return in value or benefit. Simply put, it is the value of the next best alternative.

And it isn’t just about the upfront cost. Economics takes into consideration cost as well as time spent not only doing that activity, but also preparing for the activity.

The point being, are you really saving anything at all when you rent a rug doctor instead of hiring a professional? You get a cheaper product, sure. But with a cheaper product often comes a cheaper service. And let’s not forget opportunity cost and alternative options that offer higher value and greater benefits.

We at Revive can come to your home and clean, and we mean really clean, your home. Our products and technology kill bacteria, not just spread it all over your home like some other products we know (wink wink).

We have trained professionals who can successfully clean and disinfect your home, and don’t require you to go anywhere or read instructions or do manual labor.

The closest you’ll get to manual labor is going on our website to book an appointment.

So, do you want to “save” a few dollars to pick up a machine that spreads bacteria, potentially ruins your floors, brings in mold as your new roommate, while leaving behind a mysterious smell?

Or would you rather pay actual professionals that come to you and clean your floors while getting rid of bacteria?

Exactly. Let us take care of it.