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Do you or your family members suffer from allergies? Are you noticing a lot of dust floating around your home? Air duct cleaning helps create a dust-free and allergy-free home so you can breathe easily and spend less time cleaning.

Why Clean Your Air Duct?

In Boise’s high mountain desert climate, it seems like the weather is always one extreme or the other, and there’s hardly a day when our HVAC units aren’t in use. We’ve also all experienced how seasonal allergens, smoke, and inversions can affect our indoor air quality.

While the air quality and pollen count may change from season to season, many of these pesky particles get trapped in our ever-blowing air ducts, alongside regular household dust and pet dander.

On top of that, ducts can be a hotbed for microbial growth, which can emit a musky odor throughout your home and present an even greater hazard to your health.


What We Do?

 Pre-inspection to locate and expose the vents and furnace in your home

  Free in-home consultation & price estimate

Truck-mounted negative air system that uses a high-pressure hose to remove buildup from the walls, and a vacuum to collect all dust and debris from the ducts

 Full clean to the furnace

 2-4 hour process depending on the size of the house and number of vents

What Our Clients Are Saying? 


Expectation Exceeded

Capital Cleaning recently did a long overdue cleaning of our air ducts. He was right on time for the appointment and worked very efficiently. He also did a great job at setting expectations of what his process was, as well as providing an update upon completion.


Quick & Efficient

We called several duct cleaning places trying to get estimates, some we never got a call back from after leaving messages. When we called Capital Cleaning, a real person answered the phone and answered my questions! Getting a quote over the phone was simple and scheduling was even easier. They came out to clean air ducts and they did a great job! They were quick and efficient. We will definitely use Capital Cleaning in the future.


Helpful & Friendly

They were very polite and even found a duct problem that had been there from when the house was built and I was able to get it fixed quickly now I won’t loose my cool air into my garage. Very helpful and friendly. Would refer them to my family and friends. Great workers.

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